5 Rules to Follow when Choosing a PCB Prototype Supplier

Printed circuit board (PCB) layout, fabrication and assembly can be tricky and costly portions of your product.

We’ve heard from many customers that they’ve been left frustrated and stressed with their previous PCB suppliers on at least one occasion because their PCB:

1)      Didn’t arrive on time

2)      Didn’t perform to promised expectations

3)      Failed during the functional test

4)      Components had a long lead time, causing a missed deadline

5)      Didn’t function due to bad BGA placement

There are also companies that claim excellent results but when one wants to talk to a qualified engineer to discuss the product requirements it either takes forever to reach them or one gets a customer service representative who doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to answer technical questions.


5 Rules to Follow

When selecting a PCB supplier for PCB assembly or fabrication here are 5 simple rules to follow:

Rule 1: Make sure your PCB fabrication supplier can discuss your layout/design rules with technical confidence.

Rule 2: Choose a PCB assembly supplier who uses X-ray for confirming BGA component placement.

Rule 3: Quick responses usually correspond with quick turn-around. Choose a supplier who responds quickly to all of your questions.

Rule 4: Ask the supplier about their capabilities and previous track record with the specific technology that you require for your boards. Ensure they work with boards that share similar requirements on a regular basis.

Rule 5: Choose a supplier who is ISO-certified.